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Welcome to VCC vDeclarant User Manual

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vDeclarant Solution

Trade declaration made smarter

With VCC's vDeclarant Solution, the whole process of preparing a cargo declaration to printing a Cargo Clearance Permit is streamlined and can be completed within minutes. This can be done through a single user interface, where users are able to submit import, export and transshipment documents to various Singapore regulatory bodies seamlessly. Closely integrated with our vShipper Portal and vForwarder Portal, vDeclarant Solution enables users to auto-populate freight information from these portals, making data entry redundant. Being more than a data entry tool, the solution features user-friendly dashboard, business analytics reporting, built-in workflows and an automated alert system. Furthermore, items declared and submitted can be easily verified via reconciliation reports. In summary, vDeclarant Solution enables users to do trade clearance in a smarter way.

vDeclarant Solution enables you to:

Access multiple systems through a single interface

•Through a single point of entry, you can access to various portals and obtain information easily.

Generate reports easily

•You can tap on a single source to generate comprehensive and accurate statistical and operational reports to do forecasting.

Eliminate the need for data re-entry, minimising errors

•When data submitted to the government authorities is accurate, you do not have to worry about delay in clearance and financial penalties.

Reuse data that is stored in the database

•With all the information centralised in the cloud, reports can be scheduled, produced and disseminated to all the relevant stakeholders effortlessly.

Improve business efficiency and lower business costs

•You can now devote less of your resources on the process of permit preparation, which has been streamlined, enabling you to reduce manpower costs and redirect these savings to ways that can add more value to your business.

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